NCHCFA Committees

Joining a NCHCFA Committee

NCHCFA committees monitor quality developments in long term care and recommend action or positions with short and long-range effects for NCHCFA membership.

Not for Profit organizations, especially trade associations, rely heavily on the volunteer time of their membership. One important way to make a difference is by serving on one of NCHCFA’s committees. All committee assignments are for a two-year term. Appointments are made by the Chair of NCHCFA’s Board of Directors. Only representatives from member facilities in good standing are eligible to serve. Committees generally conduct two meetings per year (either in person or virtually) as needed. When submitting your request, please choose more than one committee and rank selections in order of preference. Each committee is limited to 20 people.

Associate Advisory

The Associate Advisory Committee is comprised of NCHCFA trade associate members. This committee works closely with the NCHCFA Education and Programs Committee to determine social events and networking opportunities at both the Annual Convention & Summer Symposium.

Council on Provider Relations

The Council on Provider Relations is concerned with all matters related to maintaining cooperative relationships with regulatory agencies, other professional associations and organizations, universities, and the American Health Care Association. Consideration of pending and enacted legislation, regulation and assisting with the development and implementation of long term health care policy are all a part of the Committee’s work.

Education and Programs

The Education and Programs Committee participates in the development of continuing educational programming for NCHCFA members, and assists with the coordination of general membership meetings including the Annual Convention & Expo and Annual Fall Symposium. Committee members also establish criteria and categories for the annual awards and take part in the selection of award recipients for the NCHCFA Annual Awards Program.

Life Safety

The Life Safety Committee will assist members in disaster preparedness through informational and educational resources. This committee will be responsible for reviewing Life Safety Code issues affecting members and recommend strategies for advocating for their interests.

Payment for Services

The Payment for Services Committee is the NCHCFA membership’s advisory council for all matters pertaining with the payment of services provided in nursing facilities. This committee has calls and meetings (both virtual and in-person) as needed.

Standards and Ethics

The Standards and Ethics Committee is concerned with all matters relating to regulatory compliance and standards. Some of the committee members will be asked to serve on an Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process, which is also a focus area for this committee. You must be a licensed Administrator or an administrative Registered Nurse employed fulltime by a member facility or company to participate in the IDR process.