Advocate for Skilled Nursing Care


The North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association’s (NCHCFA) goal is to present a unified voice before state and federal agencies, the North Carolina General Assembly, and U.S. Congress. We do this through advocacy and political action.

Elected officials have a tremendous impact on the daily operations of a skilled nursing facility. They make critical decisions about the challenges we face every day, such as Medicare and Medicaid funding, Certificate of Need, health care workforce issues, and medical malpractice reforms. Lawmakers depend on NCHCFA to provide them with information and perspective to help them make decisions that will improve the lives of the North Carolinians being cared by NCHCFA members.

Stay informed, take action, and be a part of the solution! Let’s send a powerful message of unity on behalf of our state’s skilled nursing community.

Contribute Now!

Join the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association Political Action Committee (NCHCFA/PAC) 2023 Campaign. NCHCFA kicks off its 2023 year-long fundraising campaign for the NCHCFA/PAC. We are seeking a contribution from each member to help us reach our goal to raise $135,000 for our PAC. If every Administrator and Director of Nursing in our membership gives just $13.75 a month, the NCHCFA/PAC will exceed our 2023 fundraising goal!

Join the Supporters of NC Skilled Facilities Political Action Committee (PAC). The Supporters PAC is a political committee whose mission is to support NCHCFA members by making independent expenditures supporting candidates for statewide elected office and seats in the General Assembly who promote the value and needs of the post-acute and long term care community in North Carolina. Unlike the NCHCFA/PAC, there is no limit on contributions. The Supporters PAC may receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, business entities, labor unions, professional associations, or insurance companies.

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