Samuel B. Clark, CPA

Vice President of Finance
Phone Extension 206

Sam is primarily responsible for issues related to reimbursement of nursing facility services. In addition to acting as an information resource on matters pertaining to reimbursement, Sam is also the staff contact for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Certificate of Need and Life Safety Code.

Allison E. Dew

Director of Communications and Major Events
Phone Extension 214

Allison manages the design of all NCHCFA marketing materials, publications, and website. She is also responsible for the selection, planning, and presentation of the Annual Convention & Expo, Summer Symposium, Autumn Classic benefitting the NCHCFA Political Action Committee (PAC), and additional special events. Allison is responsible for fundraising and all grassroots activities for the NCHCFA/PAC.

Eric J. Kivisto, MSW

Director of Policy Development
Phone Extension 207

Eric is primarily responsible for the various projects that provide members with information, resources and direction as to how best to access various Quality Improvement Programs. In addition to acting as a resource on Quality Improvement matters, Eric is the staff contact for questions related to CMS’s Five Star Ranking System, AHCA LTC Trend Tracker and Quality Award Program, and Criminal Background Check requirements.

Karen O. Lennon

Director of Education and Member Services
Phone Extension 204

Karen is responsible for the selection, planning and presentation of NCHCFA’s ongoing educational seminars held at various times throughout the year. She oversees the maintenance of the membership database and coordinates new member recruitment. In addition, Karen prepares the annual Membership Directory for publication and is responsible for the accounts receivable and accounts payable operations for the Association.

Adam Sholar

President and CEO
Phone Extension 205

Adam is the chief executive officer, responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective conduct of the affairs of the Association. He advances the Association’s goals, objectives, and policies and apprises members of issues affecting them. He is responsible for the effective use of the physical and financial resources of the Association, and he represents the Association before governmental bodies, as well as allied groups and constituencies.

Robyn Welch

Administrative Assistant
Phone Extension 200

Robyn is responsible for answering all incoming calls and greeting visitors. She provides administrative support to the staff and specifically to Education and Membership Services, processing all seminar registrations, confirmations, and CEU forms. She also assists with the publishing of the weekly newsletter UPDATE.

Polly G. Welsh, RN-BC, MPH

Executive Vice President
Phone Extension 203

Polly focuses on long term care policy, regulation, and quality issues, serving on many advisory committees, task forces and other government policy collaboratives with the Division of Health Service Regulation, the Division of Medical Assistance, and the Division of Aging, within the Department of Health and Human Services. Polly conducts statewide, as well as national, educational sessions on leadership, quality, and regulatory issues.