Industries Shifting Manufacturing to Assist with the PPE Shortage

IMPORTANT NOTE – NCHCFA in NO WAY recommends, endorses, or approves specifications of ANY Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and/or manufacturers.

Note on behalf of AHCA/NCAL: Beware of scams when working with vendors offering PPE supplies

Annihilare (NEW October 7th)

At Annihilare, we are ushering in a new generation of clean. We promote healthy environments for all people with our cutting-edge technology, and our EPA registered and Green Seal™ certified cleaners and disinfectants. We provide a comprehensive approach in fighting germs, while improving indoor air quality. In these challenging times, being able to clean and disinfect safely and more often has never been more important. Annihilyte-1 is on the EPA approved List N for COVID-19. Cleaning and disinfecting properly is a big step in fighting it, and we’re here to help. Wipe surfaces often, sanitize your cell phone, and wash your hands. Follow your state government for rules on meeting and gathering, and most certainly quarantine. If we all do our part, this will be another thing we endure, and our technology will continue to evolve and improve in the process. We will continue to innovate.

  • To order text Disinfectant to 704-387-3703

Direct Supply (NEW August 18th)

  • Bipolar Ionization: This new offering from Direct Supply that provides a three prong approach to reducing and eliminating airborne pathogens and illnesses. With COVID still upon us this has been a game changer in reducing the spread within the industry. Please click here for more information as well as the attached brochure.
  • Safely You: Is a company that we hosted in our ITC (Information Technology Center) back in Milwaukee while they worked through their product development and recently have taken them to market. Safely You is a startup that uses AI–enabled camera systems to detect, in real-time, falls of residents. Take a look at the video here for more on how this system works.
  • Electrostatic Sprayer
  • Connected Vital Sign Monitors-DS Smart
  • Thermal Temperature Scanners
  • Additional Solutions Lists

Vizient Announces Spot Buy Opportunities for PPE (NEW June 18th)
Vizient announces new purchase opportunities through spot buys with contracted suppliers for certain personal protective equipment (PPE) for its member hospitals.The company also announced it will be expanding its successful Novaplus® Enhanced Supply Program to include the seven most critical types of personal protective equipment. Click to learn more.

Recent Vizient contracts with vendors to increase production of PPE to address shortages as a result of COVID-19:

Vizient – Zimmer Biomet Reusable Tourniquet Cuff Trade-In Limited Time Promotion
Zimmer Biomet’s Surgical Division is offering ALL hospitals a Reusable Tourniquet Cuff Trade in Promo. For a limited time, in response to COVID-19, Zimmer will allow for a trade-in of used or unused Zimmer Biomet Reusable cuffs. The promo will assist hospitals transitioning over to disposable cuffs in an economically favorable way. Disposable cuffs may reduce the potential risk of cross contamination from a reusable cuff and Zimmer would like to collaborate in mitigating that risk. Promotion Details:

  1. Zimmer Biomet will offer for every used or unused ZB reusable tourniquet cuff or Delfi reusable tourniquet cuff box, of 10ea Sterile Disposable Cuffs.
  2. MS6001 Promo starts 6/1/20 and goes through 10/1/2020

Please reach out to your local ZB Surgical Rep to complete the process (see attached for additional details.

NC Local PPE Suppliers (NEW June 18th)
List of NC companies that have transitioned manufacturing to assist in the response to COVID-19 through PPE and other product needs.