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LEAN thinking is fundamentally transforming the way organizations operate. The LEAN principles of continuous improvement, respect for people, and delivering customer value are making teams and organizations rethink the practices that might have guided them for decades. A new, transformative approach to working requires a transformation in leadership, as well. Practicing Lean management principles requires a shift in mindset – from that of a supervisor to that of a teacher and coach. Lean leaders must lead gently, by example, ensuring that LEAN principles are being applied with the right goal in mind – to sustainably maximize the delivery of value to the customer.

In this session, you will learn and practice the principles, tools, and techniques of LEAN processing for improving the operating performance of your healthcare facility. We will discuss how LEAN processing is a relentless focus on eliminating waste and inefficiencies from all aspects of an organization. We will identify the powerful benefits of implementing LEAN management principles on your organization’s culture, employee engagement and retention, financial performance, and most importantly on the service and care of your residents.

Facilitated by Mark Gogal, a Human Resources Leader with over 25 years of progressive, global, and diverse human resources experience, practical business partnering expertise, strong organizational and analytical skills, and proven strategic management experience.

Date: December 12, 2019
Location: Carolina Bay at Autumn Hall, 630 Carolina Bay Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403

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