2018 Annual Award Winners

District I Nurse Aide of the Year

Submitted by Mary Parker, Activity Director: Crystal Cagle has been a Certified Nursing Assistant at Smoky Mountain Health and Rehabilitation Center since 2009. During this time she has grown into a caring, compassionate, hardworking, dedicated team member. Crystal is known by her residents for her kind and gentle demeanor. She welcomes all families and visitors with a smile that residents call comforting and contagious. With quiet confidence, Crystal observes and cares for not only her assigned residents but all resident she comes in contact with. They are uplifted by her positive attitude. She is always interested in what she can do that will motivate and keep them involved in activities. “A call to care” is how Crystal describes her work ethic. Crystal’s day does not end when she leaves the facility. She volunteers as a band booster at her daughter’s high school which benefits all teens in the band. She also volunteers at her church serving the elderly and disabled congregation members as well as others in her community.

District II Nurse Aide of the Year

Submitted by Tammy Hanna, Administrator: Emma Williams has worked in long term care for 14 years and is a Certified Nursing Assistant at PruittHealth Town Center. Emma has an admirable work ethic and is a born leader. She is an excellent preceptor and trains all new staff in a professional manner. Administrator Tammy Hanna states, “There could never be a better applicant to deserve this award nor excel in all aspects of her work by providing care and compassion to everyone she encounters. To say that she is an asset to our facility is a gross understatement. Emma has excelled by caring for our residents and being a role model to everyone.” Emma exemplifies the ideal caregiver – she always has an encouraging word, she is organized, is always willing to lend a hand, and she has an unwavering commitment to caring for the residents. Her customer service and dedication are impeccable. She treats all residents like they are a part of her family.  They love her immensely and look forward to Emma’s arrival to work on second shift.

District III Nurse Aide of the Year

Submitted by Grant Hollowell, Administrator: Pattrina Johnson is a Certified Nursing Assistant at Clapp’s Nursing Center. She has been a CNA for 27 years! Pattrina regularly goes out of her way to make sure residents are not only taken care of but that they feel special. Rather its applying lipstick, spraying a resident’s favorite perfume, a laugh or smile, buying cards so they know someone is thinking of them on a holiday, a small compliment, or coming to work on her day off to sit with an actively dying resident, there is nothing Pattrina will not do for the residents. She knows how to lift their spirits, bringing out their inner and outer beauty, all while preserving their self-respect. Pattrina also helps train new employees and make them feel special. She helps them see they are joining a family, not just starting a new job. She is the perfect example of selflessness. A year ago she lost her car and had no transportation to and from work. Putting her residents first, she packed and moved to a house about a mile from the facility so she could walk to work if that was her only option. Pattrina says, “I just love taking care of people.”

District IV Nurse Aide of the Year

Submitted by Mary Dunkirk, Director of Nursing: Bertha Townsend is a Certified Nursing Assistant at Highland House Rehabilitation & Healthcare. She has been a CNA for 26 years! Bertha says, “I chose this profession because of my grandmother. I began taking care of her when I was 17 years old. My grandmother told me I had healing hands. She said when I touched her she could feel the care, that I cared about what I was doing. From that point on I made it my mission to take care of folks.” Bertha is guided by a strong faith and has a clear calling in the service of others. She leads by example and serves as a beacon for her coworkers to follow. Bertha is always dependable and willing to work various shifts as needed. Her coworkers are impressed by her ability to anticipate the needs of the residents and the efficiency and effectiveness by which she performs her assigned duties. Mary Dunkirk, Director of Nursing states, “Bertha is one of those CNA’s you want to clone!” She exudes confidence and earns the trust of residents and family members.

District V Nurse Aide of the Year

Submitted by Janice Pearce, Administrator: Halimah Hasan has been a Certified Nursing Assistant for 20 years and works at Springbrook Nursing and Rehabilitation. Halimah naturally possesses’ the characteristics that make both an outstanding caregiver and individual. She is giving, selfless, compassionate, hardworking, and caring. Halimah goes above and beyond for the residents. For example, when a resident passes she takes her personal time to write a unique poem about the individual for the family. For those residents that have been in the facility for an extended period of time, she also puts together a memory book of photos that portray the journey of a loved ones’ life while in the care at the facility. She uses her own money to create these beautiful memories for the family to honor their life. Her years of experience have trained a true leader. Halimah has a keen ability to problem solve, create culture change, inspire and instigate learning amongst her coworkers, and motivates everyone she encounters to be better.

Riley W. Clapp Outstanding Service Recipient

Submitted by Grant Hollowell, Administrator: Candace Hardy has worked in the housekeeping department at Clapp’s Nursing Center since 2007. Words used to describe her are dedication, selflessness, kindness, and an example of what it means to care deeply for others. She is loyal to the residents, which is demonstrated by her impeccable attendance. Candace never enters a resident’s room without greeting them with a smile. She truly enjoys her job and when asked what keeps her coming to work every day, she says “Even when I am having a bad day, I’ll walk in a resident’s room to clean for them and they’ll say the most simple, sweet thing, and it makes my day all better because I know I made them happy.” She has been caring for people all of her life, a trait she learned from her 15 older siblings. Candace cares deeply for those around her and she always puts others before herself.  Administrator Grant Hollowell says, “Our facility is blessed to have Candace as part of our family for the last 11 years.”